KGT Consulting can help you if you are:

  1. An international company looking for a business partner to coach current/exiting employees, or partners of newly relocated employees.
  2. A professional looking for a new position in an international company.
  3. A student or graduate looking for career/interview coaching.
  4. A university looking for career support for students about to enter the job market.
  5. Relocating to the Netherlands (or have just relocated) and need career or cross-culture workplace communication advice.

Karen Gordon is a Career Coach.  Services include: Karen colour

  • CV optimisation
  • Career Planning
  • Job seeking
  • Interview preparation in English
  • Workshops

What do you need to find the right position in an international company?

  • A great LinkedIn profile
  • A CV that stands out
  • A convincing motivation/cover letter                         
  • Good networking skills

Successful project management of your job search involves building a strong network, a professional personal brand, an excellent elevator pitch and investing in the time to tailor your CV and prepare for all interview scenarios. Email me at karen@kgtconsulting.nl if you would like more information about a service. Coaching can be done face-to-face or online.

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