KGT Consulting can help you if you are:
  1. A successful leader looking to fine-tune your authentic leadership style.
  2. Looking to develop your leadership skills.
  3. Needing a coach to help you build resilient, adaptable,future ready teams.
  4. A professional looking for a new position in an international company.
  5. A student or graduate looking for career/interview coaching.
  6. A university looking for career support for students about to enter the job market.
  7. Relocating to the Netherlands (or have just relocated) and need career or cross-culture workplace communication advice.
  8. Changing your career. 
  9. Looking to get promoted.
  10. Building your Leadership style.
  11. Interested in discovering your core strengths and how you can fully utilise them for success through the global leading Strengths assessment Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment.
  12. Switching from an academic career to industry or vice versa.
  13. An organisation seeking team coaches, trainers and facilitators who introduce a communication style that suits diversity in teams , create a safe space for growth and development and help leadership and teams transition through change.
  14. An international company looking for a business partner to coach current/exiting employees, or partners of newly relocated employees.

For more information on leadership and team coaching programmes see here

Certified Career Coach & Team Coach. Member of EMCC, ICF and Noloc  (Dutch professional association for career professionals and job coaches)

Karen colour

Karen Gordon is a Certified Career & Team Coach.  Services include:

  • Career Planning
  • CV Optimisation
  • Job seeking
  • Interview preparation in English
  • Performance Coaching
  • CliftonStrengths Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching, Training & Facilitation

What do you need to find the right position in an international organisation?

  • A great LinkedIn profile

  • A CV that stands out

  • A convincing motivation/cover letter                         

  • Good networking skills

  • Continuous learning and development

Successful project management of your job search involves building a strong network, a professional personal brand, an excellent elevator pitch and investing in the time to tailor your CV and prepare for all interview scenarios.

As a leader who is navigating teams through change, find out how coaching can help you and your team drive better results and be future ready.

Email me at karen@kgtconsulting.nl if you would like more information about a service. Coaching can be done face-to-face or online.