KGT Consulting provides the following services for companies and/or individuals:

Team Coaching: Whether the team is new or well established they will learn the value of working together for a common purpose, of leveraging their complimentary strengths and to move forward from being good to great. Gone are the days when leaders solve problems on their own. The success impact of high performing teams are exponential for organisations.

Leadership Coaching: Uncovering blindspots and building agility in this very unpredictable and fast changing world are paramount for success. Helping leaders to reflect and take a step back in order to move forward growing their value contribution.

Career workshops: These can be tailored to specific university or company requirements.

CV review: Email your CV and receive detailed advice on how to improve your CV and make it stand out! Look at my “tips” section for free advice.

Cover letter review: Email your cover letter along with the job description and receive a tailored advice on how you can improve your cover letter. Look at my “tips” section for free advice.

Personal profile review x2: Email your personal profile and receive improvement suggestions by return mail. Edit it yourself and send it back for final review.

Individual career coaching:  This will be tailored to your needs, according to your area of expertise.

Individual interview preparation coaching: Face-to-face 2 hour session where you will gain confidence, be challenged and learn new tips for a successful interview.

Networking coaching: Face-to-face 2 hour session on building your personal brand, online networking, face-to-face networking as well as formal and informal networking.

Coaching can be carried out face-to-face or, for shorter sessions, by Skype/Zoom.  Delivery of services for individuals will be within one week of receipt of payment. If a service is required within a shorter period of time, every effort will be made to accommodate you. However this will be subject to availability.