KGT Consulting offers in-company support for expats, paying particular attention to cultural diversity and individual challenges:

Pre/Post needs assessments: for partners of relocating employees to the Netherlands.

Career workshops:

  • Job seeking
  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Interview skills
  • Professional networking

These services can be tailored to specific company requirements.

Induction to the Netherlands workshops: practical tips and advice for settling in the Netherlands, tailored to the attendees needs and taking into account their cultural differences.

Monthly help desk: individual appointments for partners of relocated employees assisting with job seeking, CV, cover letters, starting a business and settling in to life in the Netherlands.

Networking workshops: focused on helping those who have left networks behind, whether Dutch or expats and for those who need a bit of supportlp getting settled.

Individual Career Coaching: helping employees realise their potential and make the next step in their career.